Become a Fiction Writer (Novelist) And Sell Your Books On Amazon

Ordinary people who have a passion for writing can make decent amounts of money writing fiction. This side business idea is about how you can become one of them while working your 9-5.

Opportunity Overview

Most of the fiction books are written by indie authors (this term refers to a freelance non-professional writer). Not only do they write books, but also achieve success! Half the books on Amazon bestsellers lists are written by indie authors.

How To Write a Novel?

Don’t think of writing a novel like it’s something impossible. It’s just a task that will take 100-1000 hours of your life.

Start with a dream, set a goal, set a deadline and take action.

Watch a video on writing great fiction:

How to Sell Your Fiction?

Writing a book is one thing, selling it – quite another. First, you have to find a marketplace.

There is no need to publish it in a paper form, you can sell a digital version of your book which is called an eBook.

The best online marketplace for both fiction and nonfiction writers is Amazon Kindle. We have an article here on writing and selling eBooks online.  You can try a trial-and-error approach or get a course on How to become a bestselling author on Amazon Kindle.

Earning Potential

The truth is, most fiction writers fail. This applies to over 90% of them. But there are successful writers who make decent amounts of money. If you making $1 per sale, you have to sell only 250 copies per week to make $1,000 per month.

There are hundreds of fiction writers who make this amount of money on Amazon.

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